Why a mural?

They are the gift that keep on giving!

I started creating murals over a decade ago for my former school district where I was an art teacher. I completely fell in love with the entire process and the ultimate results of creating a unique and gorgeous piece of collaborative art that could brighten any space dramatically. 

How it works...

I will work with you on your concept, assess your space and we will discuss size and installation options.

You will decide how many people you would like to involve in the project (specific group or grade-level, staff, parents, etc) and your preferred time frame for work and completion. 

I will work with your group on a schedule that we set that includes all phases of the mural making process. This includes demonstrations and a completely hands on experience.

All materials will be provided and the work area cleaned.

Sample Schedule

Each group will follow the schedule below. I may repeat this for as many groups as you have designated

Meeting 1 

  • Meet first group, introductions, "what is a mosaic?" "what is a mural?"
  • Why I LOVE mosaics murals. What is collaborative art and why it is special
  • Show the mural design and explain the theme that was developed
  • Demonstrate how to create ceramic mosaic pieces using clay and assorted tools
  • Explain the process of creating a mural
  • Everyone will work on the designated pieces for their group
  • Pieces get stored to begin their drying process
  • Clean-up
  • Explain the firing process to turn the clay into ceramic
  • Overview of the next phase of the project: glazing

Meeting 2 (same group)

  • What is a ceramic glaze? How do they work?
  • Show glaze colors and demonstrate technique for painting including proper amount/number of coats.
  • Everyone will work and enjoy exploring glaze colors and the glazing process
  • Clean-Up
  • Explain the glaze firing process and show examples of finished glazed pieces. 
  • Overview of assembly and installation.

Assembly and Installation

There are quite a few options for assembly (securing the tiles to the substrate)

  • A core group assembles
  • The entire school/staff assemble (typically 1-3 pieces per person)
  • I assemble

Installation of panels (unless direct method is used) will be handled by facilities with my oversight. Installation has a few options and is fairly simple. Requires securing panels to wall using screws or a bracket. Some facilities prefer to add an adhesive to the panels as well to further secure larger pieces. 


 Big debut? We can discuss the plans for the mural unveiling and the advertising for it. Some create an assembly around it or have a special event in the evening. Corporate may have a food spread with drinks at the unveiling.


I am happy to work with your budget. Cost is influenced by

  • The size and shape of the piece
  • The number of participants who are creating the ceramic pieces
  • The location of the install
  • If any unique materials are used

Many schools do fundraisers or ask the Parent Teacher Organizations to assist with funding. There are also some sources for private funding that may be available to you.

Some Design Ideas

  • School Name or Logo
  • Illustrate schools annual theme or core mission statement
  • Nature theme: trees, rivers, oceans
  • Animals
  • Quote or literary theme
  • Historical
  • Togetherness
  • Diversity/Individuality
  • Learning/Education
  • Health/Athletics/Exercise
  • Famous people
  • School History/Anniversary timeline
  • Tons more!


How many participants are allowed? I can work with any number of participants. We will structure the groups into good sizes over multiple sessions if required. 

How much skill do participants need to have? Zero. I will lead everyone to comfortably learn and create. Participants of all ages have noted how comfortable and relaxed they felt working collaboratively.

What are the mosaics made out of? A combination of handmade ceramic pieces mixed with ceramic tile and/or other non-porous pieces (stone, glass, mirror)

How much does a mosaic mural cost? The cost varies based on size of the mural, location, materials and number of participants. I am comfortable working with most budgets.